The “Meana – Terra del Mandrolisai” winery is located in the hills to the south west of Meana Sardo, a small village in Mandrolisai area of central Sardinia, high in the hills of Gennargentu.
The town is situated on top of a hill, and extends downwards, following the undulating terrain. Its dark shale houses and cobblestone lanes represent, in the passage of time, traces of an ancient era lost in the history of the Nuragic civilization.

The terrain is located at an altitude of 600-700 metres, immersed in a lush vegetation of oak trees and fragrant aromas of the cistus, myrtle and strawberry tree, among countless other endemic species. It is enveloped in the deep silence of an enchanting and picturesque landscape, dotted with large green expanses that spread from the silvery strips of the distant sea at Oristano to the misty, and often snowy, peaks of Punta Lamarmora. The charming valley of Mandrolisai is embroidered with vineyards, set against the imposing white of the San Mauro Benedictine monastery, which dates back to 1120.

Within this landscape, on the south western hills of Meana Sardo extends a vast area named Zoli, intensely covered by vineyards that flourish in their orderly rows along schist terrains that are particularly suited to vine cultivation.
The mighty Nolza nuraghe stands watch over the vineyards, almost as if to protect them.

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