The wines produced in the Mandrolisai area are fundamentally determined by the harmonious union of three main qualities of indigenous grapes: Bovale Sardo, Cannonau and Monica.

The wines carry a great structure, are well-disposed to ageing, and are harmonious and balanced. Their intense ruby red colour denotes a rich, full-bodied wine with intense aromas.

Such small scale production allows the company to fulfil its fundamental goal of preserving the quality of its wines, fully respecting the production mission that forms the very foundation of its activity.


The company offers three types of wines, in a single line named Parèda: the Mandrolisai Doc, the Biologico and the Igt – Isola dei Nuraghi.

These three wines are distinguished by differences in the quantitative composition of the grapes, winemaking techniques, maturation times and refinement methods. These elements combine to lend each wine a specific and distinct character.

The name of the “Parèda” line comes almost naturally, from the ancient geographical name of the area in which the company’s vineyards are grown.

The company is preparing to release two more wines onto the market: the Cannonau Doc and the Mandrolisai Superiore Doc. They are currently undergoing refinement.




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